COVID-19 Resources

During this global pandemic, fear and chaos run rampant.  In an age where personal anecdotes shared through social media often reveal the realities that those in power withhold, it can be difficult to ascertain an empirical truth that isn’t muddied by hysteria.  For this reason, The Dilettante team has collected a list of articles to hopefully provide you with sound advice and reliable information during these trying times.  Stay inside, wash your hands, and stay safe!

How to safely sanitize the things you’re bringing home


This piece of video-journalism about the state of the hospital system (NYC)

Another piece about the state of the hospital system (NOLA)

A projection of how the COVID-19 outbreak will play out in the United States

An eerie look at quarantined San Francisco


Expanded unemployment benefits for COVID-19

How to apply for unemployment benefits (California)

Applying for unemployment insurance benefits (Louisiana)

A state-by-state resource guide for musicians affected by COVID-19

FAQ about the Senate relief bill

As an aside: As we sit at home and scroll through an abundance of tweets that play on the gradual loss of sanity that results from isolation, I encourage you to reflect on the psychology of incarceration.  Some literature to consider regarding this topic:

Incarceration nation

How prison changes people

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