Submission Guidelines

The Dilettante accepts all forms of art and creations.  This primarily includes written works (e.g. poetry, short stories, op-eds) and visual works (e.g. photography, illustrations), but we encourage any type of art that is capable of being physically/digitally published. All content is unpaid.

All written submissions should be sent as a Google document.  This is the best way to preserve important formatting (such as bold and italicized text) when importing into the layout. It’s also a good format for workshopping a piece.  Text should be single spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font.  When submitting your Google doc, editing permissions should be granted to

All visual submissions (e.g. photography, illustrations) should be emailed to  Illustrations should be submitted as a high quality scan.  All images should be 300 ppi if possible and as large a file size as possible.  JPEGs are preferred.  If you have difficulty sending an image via email because of file size, you can use

For all submissions, please include:

  • Title of the piece
  • Contributor name (or specify if you wish to remain anonymous)

Submission deadlines and details (i.e. theme information) for print editions will be distributed to the contributor list via email approximately two months before publication.

Individuals can request to be added to the contributor list on our website (

Pitches should be submitted via Google form, a link to which will be included in the contributor email blast.

Submissions for online publication are accepted at any time and do not have to observe any theme.  Please adhere to the above submission guidelines.

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