Edition 5: Letter from the Editor

Welcome back to The Dilettante. The theme of edition five is: rebellion. The past several months—the whole year, really—have been a whirlwind of disaster, malaise, surrealism, and general madness. Between the global pandemic and the most recent civil rights movement, with plenty of bloodshed on domestic soil and beyond, the existence and maintenance of this publication have weighed heavy on my mind. What is the … Continue reading Edition 5: Letter from the Editor

Lot 7

“So, Vron asks me if she can borrow my grinder the other day.” Bevin pronounced it like vee-ron, a nickname for her friend Veronica.“And I’m like yeah, sure, why not? Right?” “It must be nice that you guys live so close together, so you can share stuff like that.” “Yeah, it’s dope. She lives right down the street. But, she can’t keep any weed or … Continue reading Lot 7

Edition 4: Letter from the Editor

It feels like just yesterday I was rollerblading to the park with my older brother. Our hot summer days were filled with green grass and water guns, walking to the library to escape the heat because only the master bedroom had the luxury of air conditioning. Now, my most recent memories of summer are overtaken by nine-to-fives and lonely evenings, finding any which way to … Continue reading Edition 4: Letter from the Editor