Category: fiction

  • Father’s Day

    Mariam looked at her father. He walked with a strong stride, like the kind that comes from knowing you spent your whole life doing your best work; the relief, the satisfaction, of oneself and one’s abilities. Mariam wished to walk that way, someday.

  • Hamlet’s Lesson

    Hamlet’s Lesson

    Submitted by Felipe Rodolfo Hendriksen

  • Hopefully Broken

    Hopefully Broken

    Submitted by Elan Wayne Thunderfeet

  • Death in the Small Town You Dream Of

    The town where I grew up is shaped like a woman. I rolled back and forth across the valley that lies between her bust and her hips, from crest to trough, as my family could not stop moving and fidgeting between neighborhoods after my parent’s divorce. In the winter, she is wrapped up by the […]

  • Lot 7

    “So, Vron asks me if she can borrow my grinder the other day.” Bevin pronounced it like vee-ron, a nickname for her friend Veronica.“And I’m like yeah, sure, why not? Right?” “It must be nice that you guys live so close together, so you can share stuff like that.” “Yeah, it’s dope. She lives right […]

  • Misplaced Artifacts

    Misplaced Artifacts

    In a puddle of her own bath water, skin cold against the unwelcoming flooring, she began to cry.