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  • Edition 5: Letter from the Editor

    Welcome back to The Dilettante. The theme of edition five is: rebellion.

  • Please, Could You Be Tender?

    We first spoke on a street in New York City under neon-lit marquees. We ate dinner across the table from each other, and later, breakfast as our thighs touched. “You’re only fourteen?” you said in surprise, as if we hadn’t sat in the same windowless room three times a week for the past eight months.…

  • Death in the Small Town You Dream Of

    The town where I grew up is shaped like a woman. I rolled back and forth across the valley that lies between her bust and her hips, from crest to trough, as my family could not stop moving and fidgeting between neighborhoods after my parent’s divorce. In the winter, she is wrapped up by the…

  • Lot 7

    “So, Vron asks me if she can borrow my grinder the other day.” Bevin pronounced it like vee-ron, a nickname for her friend Veronica.“And I’m like yeah, sure, why not? Right?” “It must be nice that you guys live so close together, so you can share stuff like that.” “Yeah, it’s dope. She lives right…

  • Edition 4: Letter from the Editor

    It feels like just yesterday I was rollerblading to the park with my older brother. Our hot summer days were filled with green grass and water guns, walking to the library to escape the heat because only the master bedroom had the luxury of air conditioning. Now, my most recent memories of summer are overtaken…

  • In favor of voting third party: a post-Bernie manifesto

    In favor of voting third party: a post-Bernie manifesto

    An overview of third-party candidates for Bernie supporters

  • No one asked: Pandemic Edition

    No one asked: Pandemic Edition

    So, we’re in the middle of a pandemic. What now?

  • Edition 3: Letter from the Editor

    “Love is a force, but it is sometimes called a feeling. When we imagine that love is a feeling, we may be disappointed because we notice that we cannot keep any feeling up and running all the time. A feeling is an intense, immediate, sensate/physical experience. Feelings have a beginning, a middle, and an end;…

  • Edition 2: Letter from the Editor

    Welcome to the second edition of The Dilettante! Since the digital publishing of the first edition in August, The Dilettante has branched into the world wide web – our website ( went live on October 5th. While some content will be made available on both platforms, the site and the publication will also feature unique…

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