september soundtrack

Now it is September and the web is woven.
The web is woven and you have to wear it.

Wallace Stevens, “The Dwarf,” The Collected Poems of Wallace Stevens

I remember how I felt on the first of September, when I felt the slightest inkling of a breeze in the otherwise scorching New Orleans heat. It felt like a new beginning, an awakening, a rebirth. The past couple months have truly tested me, challenging both my strength and my sanity. I went through a breakup, my hardest one yet, and I lost several people who are very important to me. For the past two months I have grieved many losses, and I am still grieving. But with that first September breeze has come growth and acceptance, a windy path that I continue to journey along.

This playlist consists of a handful of songs that have served as my soundtrack to this bittersweet month. This playlist consists of hellos and goodbyes and I hope I see you soons. Late night talks with new people, crossing streets to avoid certain houses, yearning for a glimpse to remind me that it wasn’t just a dream after all.

ive been sad for ten weeks straight
i wish i did not have to wait
for life to move at such slow rates
i cant help but feel desolate

my mind and i go toe to toe
cause i cant know whats not been shown
i tend to not go with the flow
scared to get caught in undertows

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