Zodiac Zoom Happy Hour

When Saturn and Pluto met and formed a conjunction in Capricorn on January 12, their connection was so powerful that we still feel the effects of it today. Karma met inner power, consequence met generational transformation. These themes were most strongly felt in work-life balance, ambition, and practicality, all Capricorn traits. When looking at astrological predictions for the coming months, we must not forget the power of the planet of laws meeting the planet of ruthlessness in the sign of goals and motivations.

Jupiter and Pluto are doing a cosmic waltz this year, with three conjunctions all in 2020. The first happened on April 5, with Jupiter in prograde, and the next is set for June 30, with Jupiter in retrograde. In April, Jupiter brought with it expansion and unbridled optimism in a generationally powerful context. In June, these gifts will be transformed into a personal journey towards higher learning, specifically from mistakes. Jupiter retrograde will bring detours into one’s life and when it meets with Pluto it will bring these detours towards our inner powers and our generational strengths and weaknesses.

Venus began its retrograde motion on May 13 in Gemini, bringing with it themes of acknowledging the dark underbelly of our relationships, whether romantic, familial, or platonic. A common misconception of retrograde motion is that it is “bad” in all senses. It is not — it is a time of reflection and realization, a time where the honeymoon phase wears off. Gemini, ruled by Mercury, is energetic and talkative, meaning communication involving relationships may be stunted as we are revealed just how our relationships function.

The Sun enters Gemini on May 20. As stated before, Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which gives this time the themes of expression, charm, and fast-paced living in the day-to-day. This time will make us feel more restless and more social. Frustrations with stay-at-home orders will grow even more. Venus in retrograde in Gemini will also affect these frustrations, making it harder for most people to live at home with whoever they have decided to isolate with. Be cautious and be aware of these influences. They will cycle out in due time.

The new moon is on May 22 in Gemini. This is the time to set intentions and goals for the coming lunar cycle. Look at how you are affected by all this cosmic noise and make a plan for the next 28 days.

Illustration by Rachel Kirkwood

Aries: Spending your birthday at home was the last thing you wanted to do, but you did it, and you should be proud of yourself. To keep yourself occupied and your mind off of how your day was stolen, start planning a half birthday or ¾ birthday party. Remember, just because you didn’t get it before doesn’t mean you can’t later. Your loved ones adore your energy and will want to celebrate you no matter how late it is. Your ruling planet Mars is at a relatively stable state in Pisces right now, so take advantage of this stability.

Taurus: Venus is your ruling planet, Taurus, so Venus in retrograde will most likely be a struggle in the beginning. If you’re well prepared, however, it doesn’t have to be. If you haven’t started being introspective about your relationships, now is the time. Try to discover themes in the way you and your loved ones interact. Do something special — the ability to explore new restaurants on takeout apps was made for you, so take a moment to be self-indulgent and include your favorite person (who you’re quarantining with) in the excitement.

Gemini: There is a lot of cosmic chaos happening in your sign this month. The Sun in your sign mixed with a retrograde Venus in your sign will leave you feeling confused and conflicted. Don’t let that ruin your moment — your solar return should be special. You love to be social and be entertained, so schedule a Zoom session for your birthday. Spend time calling people you love, being outside, and picking up new hobbies to keep yourself happily occupied and satisfied. Your season is still your season.

Cancer: Your sensitivity has been tested throughout this entire year with so much action happening in your opposite sign, Capricorn. You have been able to prove to others that you can hold your own when you need to, but it has undoubtedly taken a toll. The retrogrades happening this month can allow you to reconnect with yourself. Venus in retrograde especially can aid you in letting your closest friends know what you need to thrive right now. Your ruling planet, The Moon (which is considered a planet in astrology!) resets itself on May 22. That time will be more important to you than to anyone else. Use it wisely.

Leo: As someone who is a natural leader and hates being told what to do, you want to rebel very badly. You don’t necessarily dislike being alone, you just dislike being told to be alone. Take that power back and choose to self-isolate. Many people are making the choice to disobey orders, so make the choice to do otherwise. Your planetary ruler, The Sun, moves into Gemini soon, which will make you chatty and energetic. Be the leader you are and be the one who plans the Zoom call or the first person to text in the group chat for a while. Once you decide to get up every day and save the world, you’ll feel a lot more in control.

Virgo: Your uncanny ability to clean up everyone’s messes has been a great relief to your friends and family during this time. You’ve been able to express your love in the best way you know how, with help. As Venus begins its retrograde motion, however, you will certainly be heavily affected, as Venus is naturally in fall in your sign. Make sure you have the time and energy to come to terms with your own thoughts this Venus retrograde. You will be far more helpful to others when you help yourself. Your ruling Mercury enters Cancer on May 28, which will help you be more caring and sensitive to yourself. Clever Virgo, do not forget this: you matter as much as everyone else in your life.

Libra: Just like Taurus, your ruling planet is Venus, making this retrograde affect you extra intensely as well. There’s no better time than now for some me-time, Libra, so do what you do best and treat yourself. Order a new fancy face mask for your whole quarantine house to try while you sip red wine and watch a movie. Just remember to keep track of the way your relationships are responding to Venus retrograde and don’t do so much me-time that you neglect said relationships. Communication will be key for you.

Scorpio: Modern astrologers say your ruling planet is Pluto, while more traditional astrologers say it’s Mars. Pluto has been involved in some powerful action, while Mars has been relatively stable, moving into Pisces on May 13. It’s up for you to decide, Mysterious Scorpio: are you the calm or the chaos? Confusion might be arising from Pluto, but you have a stable and dependable old friend in Mars. You’ve always been one to ruminate on your state of being. Don’t let the cosmic clashes get in your way of your own clarity. Though you might feel powerless, you should know you have a deep-set power within you, gifted to you by Pluto. Use it to regain control. 

Sagittarius: The ever-adventurous Sagittarius is the most likely of the zodiac to be cursing the quarantine. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, began its retrograde motion on May 14, causing you to be even more frustrated as you become introspective on the very traits that make you you. Be strong, Sag. The opportunity to learn and grow is right in front of you. Your constant exploration of the world doesn’t always have to be physical. If you miss your favorite bar, study its history. If you’re dying to travel, study the language of the place you want to see the most. Everything you love to do normally you can still accomplish.

Capricorn: All the most powerful and rare cosmic events have happened in your sign, Capricorn! This year has been especially tumultuous for you but you are also the most well-equipped to handle it. While others have been struggling to come to terms with the karmic energy in the air, you are well acquainted with it, even more so because your ruling planet is Saturn. Remember that as you encounter each new problem that arises: you were built for this. Your knowledge of the laws of the world will be crucial going forward. All this movement in your sign is a blessing and a curse. Focus on the blessings, leave the curses.

Aquarius: With Saturn as your ruling planet and your oh-so-Aquarius taste for rebellion, you can handle anything that comes your way. You already knew this though. Some more modern astrologers say your ruling planet is Uranus, the planet of rebellion and overthrowing the norm, which does make perfect sense for you. Now is certainly a time for a new normal, so enjoy that. Let your activist side shine through and be a leader for those who aren’t as comfortable with change. It might be scary for you too, but you have the instinct for uncertainty that many lack.

Pisces: Neptune is in your sign, Pisces, and according to modern astrologers, that is your ruling planet (traditionals will argue it is Jupiter). Either way, you have a grand opportunity now for self-reflection. Neptune is the planet of the subconscious, of dreams, and Jupiter is the planet of higher learning and expansion, now in retrograde. You have all the cosmic tools you need to examine yourself, your place in life, and where you want to go. It might be scary, but you will benefit greatly from taking advantage of this opportunity.

Stars read by Carina Marx.

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