Waves crashing on the shore
sweeping away the sand.
Wind rushing through the trees,
taking the leaves that cling to the branches.
Waves crashing, wind rushing,
and there you stand amid the chaos.
A piece of you longs to reach out,
to stop the torment.
Another piece knows
you would be swept away
by the waves,
with the leaves and sand.
You once swam the waters
that crash at the mercy of the wind.
But you found the rock
that the wind touches,
but never moves.

Submitted by Thamer Linklater.

Thamer Linklater is a Cree artist from Northern Manitoba. She is a survivor of the Millennial Scoop and works to spread awareness about Indigenous issues. She is currently working on earning her masters at Trent University. In her downtime she enjoys singing, dancing, writing, and painting. 

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